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Development of Air Quality Testing Solution in Montreal company

Development of Air Quality Testing Solution in Montreal company - Linda Bruce

I work for an Air Quality Testing company. One day, I came to the office at 9:42 AM and started reading new tweets. I purposefully read almost one thousand people, at the moment when I finished reading the fresh batch of tweets, new ones would already appear. Approximately at half past 10, Sam entered. I was able to fix the moment when he put on his headphones, turned oon his keyboard and started banging on keys.

Later at the morning, just before 12 PM, Rene came to me and, bowing, said in a low voice:

"Listen, with your experience, with your knowledge, I want you to be in charge. Take Sam under patronage in this project. Moreover, it's only the two of you who will work on it. And I ask to please, please meet the deadline."

I only signed. Well, how could I explain to him that the project couldn't be realized in principle; that our designer Greg was the certified idiot, explaining his peculiar smile; that finally, no electronic device would work without electricity?

"I think computers won't work without electricity. Congo's people need beads," I said in a purposely loud and clear voice. The tense silence reigned. That was especially clear to hear that Sam behind the divider wasn't pressing the space button.

Finally Rene said:

-"Well, work. I won't disturb you," and quickly exited inviting Greg to join him.

Lunch time came unexpectedly.

"Sammy," I said to my neighbor through the divider, "let's find the place in the code which consumes most electricity."

"See, we've already done that," Sam said. The spit flew out of his month and knocked on the divider. I'm glad they were standing there.

"Well, when have we done that? Do you remember the task number? Or committed in SVN?"

"Wait,"  Sam slowed down, "it's been tasked COCOSO-4920."

I tried to open the task with that number in bug tracker but got a message saying that I had no rights. As Rene was nowhere to be seen, I wrote a ticket for the helpdesk requesting that they give me rights.

After one hour and twenty minutes they replied to me that they could give me rights only when the project manager confirms the request. I'd like to answer that he had probably been already eaten, but then thought that I didn't need that task so much.

Instead of that I decided to write an email to all persons interested in that project to let them know that computers don't work without electricity. I clicked the button  "Send" but then the standard message of error appeared: "Outlook has made an unacceptable procedure and will be shut down". "Well, no chance. I'll try it tomorrow", I decided and turned off my computer.

The workday was unexpectedly finished. 

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