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Drop the loser operation

Drop the loser operation - Linda Bruce

Can you believe I was asked to chaperon / babysit my soon to be fifteen years old niece during a date? Who does that? My brother has lost control over her and requested that since I have a good relationship with her, to play that in his advantage. 

I love her and I do trust her judgement. What I do not like is her six feet tall chubby boyfriend. The guy is four years older than her. I wondered what she saw in him. Except the cheek long curly hair, the guy is a douche. He has no manners, uneducated, not too very bright and with an attitude. 

I personally don’t give a damn what he thinks or says about me, but I do care about the way he treats my niece. Once I laid my eyes on him, I understood immediately what my brother meant. He said that she should stay from him. My little goose has a crush on him and she can not see what a douchebag the guy really is.

Thus, today once I was done with my file in order to get a private loan Montreal, I took my niece to Cineplex, where she was supposed to meet Mr. Douche. Before seeing him, I had no intention of going to the same movie with them, or nay movie at all. Actually I was planning on going shopping and having a coffee all by myself, in order to kill two hours and give them some space.

But that thought was gone the second I heard him opening his mouth and talking to me.

This boy trapped in a man’s body, looked into my eyes and said bluntly that he did not know that they’d have a chaperon deciding what movie they’ll go at. That’s precisely when I made it my problem to convince her drop the loser.

I admit, I used a devious plan. I played the role of a nice silly aunty. I sent my niece to buy the popcorn for us while I paid for the three tickets. I tested him to see if he had any intention of trying to stop me and pay at least for his ticket. That did not happen. 

During the movie, I chose to sit separately, thus and I went all the way in the back, from where I had them in plain sight. After the movie, I gave them one hour alone in the next door mall. When I returned my niece wished to stay for one more coffee at Starbucks. When I asked him what he wanted he said nothing, mumbling something that everything on the menu was not manly enough. A dumb comment, that my niece neglected to amend. This evening, we will have a long conversation, my niece and I.

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