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Getting the coolest looking sign for your business

Getting the coolest looking sign for your business - Linda Bruce

Have you ever been I business and thought that the sign that the company had outside the building was so awesome looking that you just had to go in and see what they had for sale? Maybe that is never happened to you, but it happens to me all the time. The artwork or intricacy of the sign is so spectacular that it makes me just believe that the business must be a real class act.

I wanted to have a sign like that for my own business. Something that was etched into a piece of board that would look so spectacular that it would really draw the attention of people. This, I figured, would really help to get my business going.

I had a really cool logo for the company. I just wanted to see if there was a way that I could have this etched into a cool sign that would be along the street as people were driving by my business. I looked around for somebody that can do this, frequently finding that it was an individual that could do this is handcrafted work that was my best option. While I thought this had some benefit, I also wanted to ensure that I can have more than one of the signs made. Getting an individual to do this was going to be a much bigger undertaking.

One day a good friend of mine suggested to me looking into plastic cnc cutting to get it done. That didn’t make much sense to me. I wasn’t looking to have anything cut to have a big project on so why when I want to turn to one of these companies?

She then explained to me that by using the CNC drag knife cutting machine they could take my logo and etch this into a piece of wood with incredible precision. They could actually add a whole series of additional items on that board as well, making my sign one that would truly stand out. It sounded like the perfect solution.

I went in to one of these companies with my logo. He scanned the logo and added it to a really cool backdrop in the computer. We talked and discussed how to make this sign look at its absolute best. To make it in such a way that it would really stand out. In an hour he was done and the work was beyond belief. Now I have the sign I desired, actually a few of them, and it really is making a difference in how well my business is doing.

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