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The Neighbours Need Some Work Done

The Neighbours Need Some Work Done - Linda Bruce

I’ll get this out of the way right now: I'm a judgemental person. I just can't help myself. When I see something I don't like I can't help but judge the people responsible for that thing appropriately. I think we are all that way to one extent or another. After all it’s only human. Today the focus of my judgemental wrath is on the neighbours across the street and, more specifically, the absolute state that they have allowed their front garden to become.

Getting away from the fact that I'm a gardening enthusiast at heart, I can understand if somebody doesn't want to spend the time and effort maintaining it. I’m sure after a hard day's work the last thing those guys want to do is spend the rest of the evening chopping away at plants, but if that's the case then surely they could get rid of the garden and get some paving installed instead.

In fact park paving Edmonton would be perfect for them. They have two cars and are always parking one on the road because their driveway doesn't have enough room for two. If they dug up the garden and put a layer of park paving over it they would suddenly have plenty of room to park both cars and I would no longer have to look out the window at such an eye sore.

Am I sounding catty? I am, aren’t I? Nevermind, I’m still sticking to my guns on this one. The thing is I’m actually quite friendly with the family, so I know that they do have the money to do something about the garden. They just don’t seem to have the inclination. My husband is always telling me not to get involved but I feel like I have to say something about it. After all, how must it look to other people to see such a mess when they walk down the street?

So I think I’ll bring the subject up the next time I see them. We recently had our own drive refurbished with paving so I reckon I’ll take a tactical stroll the next time I see the neighbours outside and just casually bring up the subject and how great a job the company did on our drive. Maybe it will plant seeds in their mind and they will finally get the work done to make the street a little bit more presentable.

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