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A new career path?

A new career path? - Linda Bruce

Since the day our son was born my husband has been telling him a bedtime story each night. He never told him the same story twice. He always had a new story for little G. In the first few days or weeks, I thought he was telling him stories he knew from his childhood, that his mother might have told him. Most of his stories are so beautiful and really funny. The characters of these stories come and go upon the request of our little prince.

I wasn’t aware he was such a great story teller. I am mesmerized by his creativity. Now that G. Grew older and he discovered the wonder of color pencils, he is asking his dad to draw some of his favorite characters from the bedtime stories. When my husband started to draw for him, I was pleasantly surprised to see he actually had some skills. I lived with an artist and I had no idea.

Two weeks ago, my sister came to visit for a few days. When she heard some of his stories, she was curious to hear if he had other ones as well. She found them very original and cute. Being a professional illustrator for both adults and children’s books, she suggested that he should put them into writing. She even volunteered to illustrate them.

My husband was amused because he never considered this as a career, nor a hobby. As far as he was concerned, he was just entertaining his son. He was not the type to sit down and write it. Then my sister proposed to record him while he was putting G. to bed. Thus, we would be able to get on tape the story and later on, I could transcribe it.

I added that if by any chance he would manage to publish at least one of his stories, he would have to pay me for my transcribing services. Obviously we teased him that he should quit his full time job, stop working with some asphalt contractors Edmonton and focus on his writing skills.

Out of curiosity I googled how to publish a children’s book. From what I read on several websites, I gathered that it would be easier to self-publish than do it the traditional way. I also learnt about the POD, or publish on demand, which was totally new to me. After reading all these things, I mentioned to my hubby that he would have to put his writing career on hold, until we’d save enough to afford publishing his books. He started to laugh and pretended to be disappointed for a few seconds.

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