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The sapphire engagement ring

The sapphire engagement ring - Linda Bruce

This afternoon my three grandsons and their parents came to visit us. They do so each Thursday. It’s an old tradition in our family to have supper together at least once a week. Thursday is dedicated to the family.

From Monday to Wednesday my husband works on call. We cannot rely on his schedule. On Friday I have my girls’ rummy night with my old friends. During the week-ends the grandchildren are busy with their friends. Thus the only day that worked for all of us was Thursday.

When my daughters were younger and still leaving with us, we used to have the family evening on Sunday. Now the times have changed. They have their own families and things to worry about.

Why do I insist on following this tradition each week? Simply because I feel we live hard times and it is important for the kids to see what family means. To remind them that no matter who they are or what they will do, family will always be there for them. Family values are important. They are the invisible ties that keep us together.

We don’t meet for the sole purpose of sharing a meal. We spend quality time together. We take interests in each other’s lives. We discuss about dreams, passions, and fears. We encourage and offer support to whoever needs it. We talk openly about any subject. We learn from one another.

Also we have lots of fun together. We play cards, board games, charades, you name it. Thursday evenings are fabulous! For this reasons I asked my children and grandchildren to continue this tradition even if I will no longer live.

Today, my oldest grandson, the one who does Pipe lining Toronto, just told us he was planning to propose to his girlfriend. I was so excited to hear the news. He said he knew she was the right girl for him from the first time he had laid his eyes on her.

Since he was the oldest, I thought I could help him make his moment a bit more special. Therefore, I gave him my husband’s grandmother sapphire engagement ring. It has been passed on in our family for couple of generations. Now it was my turn to pass it to the eldest grandchild.

When he saw it, he was speechless. He added that holding the ring in his hands made everything more real. He said his future fiancée would fall in love with the ring, same as him.

I asked him to invite her to one of our Thursday’s dinners, since she would be part of this family soon. Not to mention that the entire family was looking forward to meet her.

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