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Thanksgiving plans

Thanksgiving plans - Linda Bruce

Two days ago, I got a call from my mother in law. I was surprised to hear her. I was not expecting her call. Although we have a good relationship, we don't talk too often on the phone. For a few seconds, I worried that something was wrong with her or with one of my sisters in law. I was relieved to hear that everything was fine.  She called because she wanted us to come over the upcoming weekend.

I was getting ready to decline her invitation, when she asked me to bring some Chardonnay icewine for the Thanksgiving dinner. I paused, thinking that her request came very early. I told her I would bring it. I also added that we would get there on Friday.

While talking to her, I wrote down a note on my agenda, that I had to buy the airplane tickets the following days. Later on, when I looked at the notepad, I saw it was advertising for Alberta asphalt Enterprises. I tried to remember where I got it, but I couldn’t. It must have been from my sisters in law. Both of them worked for this company.

I have been so focused on my work these last weeks, which I had lost, track of time. I did not even realize that Thanksgiving was so close!

It was strange that seeing the Halloween decorations in the stores and on the streets didn't make me think we were already in October. I am so absent-minded these days!

When my mother in law called, it was my son who picked up the phone. He was playing on my phone, when it rang. She was thrilled to hear him saying: ”Hello!” The last time she saw him, he wasn't talking or walking. I think he was only eight months at that time.

This time when we go there, she will be able to play and have a chat with him. Now he is more independent and doesn't want to stay in our arms. He started to put words together, making short sentences.

It will be lovely to watch him playing with his cousins during the weekend. I am sure they will have lots of fun together. Usually, the whole family reunites in Edmonton for Thanksgiving. That's where my mother in law lives. That's where we are flying for the week-end.

Hopefully, I will get a good price for the tickets. This is probably the last flight, when I will hold him on my lap. He will be two years old soon.

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