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When I was sick as a dog

When I was sick as a dog - Linda Bruce

If I would have felt better these days, I would have gone to help my mom deal with team of mold removal Blainville. She mentioned that she had hired a team of workers, but I don’t remember more details from our last conversation.

When she called me I was having a high fever and I barely heard what she was saying. I could not focus on her words. My head was pounding and my whole body was aching. I was in bed for almost three days. I could not eat anything. Whatever I tried to eat, I ended up vomiting.

I don’t know how I got this, but I tell you, it was a nasty virus. I haven’t been so sick in years.

I had to take some antibiotics to get rid of it.

On the fourth day I went to the doctor because I could not take it anymore. Luckily my neighbour was able to take me to the clinic and stay with me. My physician told me I should have come from the first day I felt bad. I agreed with him.

He prescribed me some antibiotics for a few days and asked me to call the clinic in case the symptoms would not improve within twenty four hours.

To be honest, my symptoms got better within twelve hours. That was quite a relief. I was tired of feeling so much pain and not being able to do anything.

I just hoped that my neighbour would not get sick because of me. When he drove me to the clinic, I wore a mask on my face to ensure that we were not exchanging germs. The last thing I wished for was to pass on to him this nasty virus I had been dealing with.

He was kind enough to give me a hand and drive me around. He has not obliged to do it. He did it because he wished to help. Thus, I wanted to prevent him from falling sick.

While I was at the clinic, waiting to see my doctor, I suggested to him to wait inside the car. He had less chances of contracting a new virus inside the car, than being in a room with twenty sick people. Any of those twenty persons had a reason to come see the doctor. The chances were that they were suffering from something that my neighbour could have easily caught simply by breathing the air within the room.

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