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Where It's Better To Place Keywords

Where It's Better To Place Keywords - Linda Bruce

When I decided to promote my online shop and my personal website by means of Toronto SEO Company strategies I discovered that it was not enough to just choose suitable key words and use them in the website's content. The location of keywords was also a matter of importance. I used keywords in headlines on my webpages as well as in content descriptions on those webpages. However, it wasn't enough. Here is the list of other places where I inserted keywords and key phrases.

Headings: the title and headlines on the webpage.

Tags of headlines like h1, h2, h3, etc. were in the hierarchy of headlines of my webpage.

Such tags are also very important for search bots which study the website's content. Keywords are to appear in HTML code as the tag of the headline as H1 headline which are used for creating the webpage's title.

Toronto SEO specialists believe that matching headlines and sub-headlines are more important than simple text, because they are, as a rule, bigger and more noticeable. That's why they are to be more attractive and they become the excellent place for keywords on the website.

Headlines and sub-headlines of the page should better be like its title, correspond to its topic but they must not contain the similar text. Search engines hate the identical or copied text including headlines and sub-headlines which look alike.

Too many headlines and sub-headlines can make search robots suspicious. I paid a lot of attention for writing headlines and texts for visitors of my website, not for search engines.

Keywords and the content or the text on the webpage.

The content is one of most important elements of any website. I've heard many times that the content is the essential element of the Internet. Keywords in the text of the webpage are especially important, then the place where keywords are inserted and how often they are repeated. Keywords play the decisive role when the search engine indexes the website and then shows it in search results. The text is to contain enough keywords to attract the attention of search engines' robots, but at the same time there shouldn't be too many of them when you get the feeling that the webpage is overwhelmed by such keywords.

So, I knew that keywords are to match words and phrases which potential visitors would use to search for my website (or its topic, or the product I sell).  

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